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This Volvo has been in my possession since late 2003 and I have done some restoration work to make it drivable and look decent.

Purchased it from Sausalito. The 122 had an exhaust that made it roar!!! (in a bad way). It was a bit nerve wrecking d
riving it back around 11 o'clock at night across the Golden Gate with a battery that didn't hold a charge and duel carburetors were not tuned right. If I were to mis-shift and stalled the engine I would have been stuck on the bridge needing a jump-start. The horns didn't work either. 

Fast forward to 2006...

While tearing the car apart I found a big-ol-hole in the muffler and it was the cause of the loud exhaust. The Amazon came originally in that yellowish green color. The paint didn't look great and the paint was chipping off on some areas, so I decided to paint it in a similar color. The hard part about painting the car was stripping off all the original paint with a steel wire wheel on a hand-held grinder. It took a couple weeks, but eventually I got it down to the bare metal.
I found a few spots that had bondo on it and it was on the left side of the hood, a bit on the left fender and on the nose. Prepping the body was a breeze. I used POR metal prep before priming the whole body. There are two coats of self etching primer and two coats of creamy white for color. I replace the two door seals, the front corner window seals (those were a pain to get in), window scrapers, front and back hood rubbers and  side hood rubber pads. Liquid dish soap is your friend when you're putting in new body rubbers.





The floor pan was taken care of and coated with anti-rust primer before I installed sound installation material and carpeting. The amazon's trunk did not come originally carpeted, but I did it anyways to further reduce road noise. I put sound installation material on the rear fenders, underneath and behind the back seats and also the transmission tunnel.
The old seats had rips in them so I replace the seats from another 122s. The back bench has two lines of stitching that has popped and the front seats are in good condition.
Most of the suspension parts were in great shape so I didn't touch that. I noticed that the original black rubber bushings were replaced with blue poly bushings. There was also a beefier sway bar installed in the front and one in the rear. I believe they are from IPDUSA. The transmission was upgraded from a four speed to a M41 transmission with overdrive.
Remember I was talking about the car having a poor idle? Well, the carbs were not tuned right so that was taken care of. Eventually I converted to a 32/36 weber down draft carb (it's so much easier to tune). I upgraded the loud "holy" exhaust with the sports exhaust system from skandix, it sounds nice now. Eventually the old generator gave out and I installed a 60 amp alternator on there, now the lights never go dim.


In response to all the request of current photos. Here's a few just to begin with.


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