Handy Grant
Small Jobs Specialists

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Minor Home and Office Repairs
Repair and maintenance work around the home or office.
"Priding ourselves in fine detailed work in the Bay Area since 2007. We are equipped with a full selection of tools to help you with your repairs."

Carpentry & Construction
Building or maintaining structures at a home, apartment, or office.
"Quality is our first priority. We pride ourselves in providing fine detailed work in carpentry & construction."

Painting inside or outside a home or office.
"Delivering detailed painting services in the bay area since 2007. We pay special attention to color/ texture matching and creating clean lines. We are fully equipped to successfully complete your project."

Repairing or maintaining pipes, fixtures, or other apparatus of a water, gas, or sewage system.
"We are fully equipped to help you with all your plumbing needs."

Mounting TVs, paintings, and art onto walls.
"With our trusty level you can be sure that anything you have is mounted correctly."

Installing, maintaining, or repairing electrical fixtures.
"We pay special attention to safety while working with electricity. We are fully equipped to help you with all your electrical needs."

Furniture Assembly
Putting together furniture including from IKEA, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and other furniture stores.
"Helping Bay Area residence assemble their furniture since 1999. We have a full selection of tools to quickly help you with all your assembly needs."

Computer Help
Setting up, fixing, or installing software on a computer.
"We use both Mac and PC's in our office. we able to help you with basic to more involved setups."

Hanging lights on xmas trees, setting up parties and more
"We have a knack for decorating when I'm in the "zone". I have a wide variety of tools to help you with your decorating project."

Help with organizing closets, desks, rooms, or other areas in a home.
"Clean neat and orderly is our motto. I have worked in a office setting that required a uncluttered environment. I will help you organize and throw away the excess."

Deliveries for food, clothing, documents, and other items.
"We are able to navigate through the streets of San Francisco with ease in our Mini cooper and can assure that your package will arrive on time."

Purchasing groceries, clothing, electronics, or other items and delivering them.
"Let us help you with all your shopping needs!"

Every task that we go on is insured up USD 1,000,000.
Our Rate starts at 150.00 for the first hour and 95.00 for every hour after.

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