Handy Grant
Small Jobs Specialists

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We'll do it all so you don't need to.

Providing handyman services since September 1999. We are a small crew specializing in all repairs for the home. It all started as a hobby helping friends and neighbors with small projects. Eventually news got out that Grant does handyman work. We pride ourselves in quality workmanship and being the one-stop-fix-all for all your house repair needs.

Why Grant started all this.

"I remember helping my dad around the house when I was 4 years old with fix-it jobs. He had me hold his tools and my job was to hand him the tools that he asks for. He always kept things interesting by giving me small duties to perform like sweeping saw dust, putting his tools away and if I was being good he would let me help him paint. Most kids wouldn't think it would be fun, but it was as fun as going to the amusement park for me.

I always wanted to start a business with like minded individuals that enjoy working on home projects."

A property manager's best friend. 

Helping property managers all over the Bay Area with all repairs, painting and cleaning needs. We work closely with your company to have your units ready for the next tenant or keeping your current tenants happy.

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